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Emergency Lighting & Heating

Look for Emergency, Disaster, Survival products including: Hand warmers, heating pads, radios, flashlights, portable stoves, fuel tablets, waterproof matches, slow burn emergency candles,36 hour survival candle, code red batteries, maglights, emergency lightsticks, and more below.

Mayday "Ready Light" Dynamo Flashlight
"Ready Light" Dynamo Flashlight

Discount for case of 200 No batteries ever required. This light will never let you down - It always works. Two bright LED's will last hours once fully charged. Only one minute of charging gives 15 to 20 minutes of light. Convenient wrist strap for easy carry. Perfect for glove box, night stand, and all emergency kits. Go Green - Give Batteries the Boot.

Price $2.95
AM / FM Solar Dynamo Radio with Flashlight
AM / FM Solar Dynamo Radio with Flashlight

Converts Free Solar Energy for rechargeable lantern, blinking light and AM/ FM radio for indoor or outdoor use activity. These units also have a hand generator when solar power is not available, or they can use 2 ‘AA’ batteries. Great for power failures – IT NEVER NEEDS BATTERIES – IT ALWAYS WORKS. Both Units perform the same functions, the C/78F is more compact for tight storage situations.

Price $25.49
Solar & Dynamo Powered Radio

Solar & Dynamo Powered Radio with Lantern and Warning Light. Also works on AC / DC power

Item: C/81


Price $49.95
Portable Stove with 8 Fuel Tablets

Portable Stove with 8 Fuel Tablets

Item: LH001

Price $5.99
Fuel Tablets - Pack of 8

Fuel tablets – Pack of 8

Item: LH002

Price $3.95
Hand Warmer
Hand Warmer
Item: LH003

Price $2.99
AM/FM Radio-Siren-Flashlight
Radio / Flashlight / Siren
Item: L100

This all in one Flashlight Radio offers three convenient functions in one unit! Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, it features a wide beam flashlight, AM / FM radio with built in rear speakers and flexible antenna, emergency panic siren / flashing light mode, easy-grip carrying handle and battery operation. Power source is 4 “C” size batteries (not included).

Price $9.79
Picture Coming Soon
Flashlight – Hand Powered
Item: L200

Price $8.45
High Power Rechargeable Spotlight

High Power Rechargeable Spotlight
Item: L202

1,000,000 candle power, cordless spotlight. Recharger included with this quartz halogen spotlight. Great for emergency roadside repair, camping, or marine use.

Price $17.95 Product not available.
Waterproof Matches - Box of 50
Waterproof Matches – Box of 50- (5 boxes)
Item: L21

Price $2.95 (5 boxes)
Slow Burning Emergency Candles - Pack of 5
Slow Burning Emergency Candles – Pack of 5
Item: L22
Price $3.99
The Survival Candle - Burns up to 36 Hours

The Survival Candle – Burns up to 36 Hours

Item: L22A


Price $3.89
120 Hour Candle

120 Hour Candle

Item: L22B


Price $13.79
Solar Powered Flashlight

Solar Powered Flashlight
Multi-purpose, water resistant, warning light with TWO power systems—rechargeable solar or “AA” battery power. Functions as a bicycle light, searchlight, warning light, or portable torch. Also good for diving. Rechargeable battery is detachable and can be used as a battery charger for other appliances. Bicycle mount and belt clip included.

Item: L77G

Price $14.59
LED Flashlight with 3 AA Batteries
LED Flashlight with 3 AA Batteries

Item: L77LED
Price $29.50

MagLight – Uses 2 “D” Batteries

Item: L77J


Price $29.49
Picture Coming Soon
Doctor’s Penlight with Batteries
Item: L77P
Price $2.95
3-Way Flashing Light
3-Way Flashing Light

Item: L78
Price $2.95
Light Stick - Green 12 Hour
Light Stick – Green 12 Hour

Item: L88
Price $1.49
Light Stick - Yellow 12 Hour
Light Stick – Yellow 12 Hour

Item: L88Y
Price $1.49

Just shake to recharge. 15-30 seconds of shaking will give up to 5 minutes of continuous use. Shake at least 1 minute after extended non use.

Item: L77T
Price $7.95
Trigger Light
Trigger Light

Super Bright LED light - Optical Light - Always works 10 seconds of charge gives 8 minutes of light 1 minute charge gives 25 minutes of light.

Item: L77TR
Price $8.95
Emergency Light Wand (21'')
Emergency Light Wand (21'')

Requires 2 ''D'' batteries. Can be seen up to one-mile away. Two operation modes. Standard constant bright and blinking mode.

Item: L89
Price $9.95
Pelican L1 LED Light

Pelican L1 LED Light

Item: L77P1

The L1 LED flashlight provides a concentrated close quarter beam. The LED lamp provides up to 50,000 hours of usage and uses four replaceable 1.5v alkaline batteries that provide up to 130 hours of battery life. Includes neck lanyard and the Pelican Lifetime Guarantee.

Price $17.49
Pelican Mitylite

Pelican Alligator Light

This versatile light can be clipped to your hat, shirt or purse strap for direct lighting. Dual super bright white LED never needs replacing and provides 100 hours of battery usage. The body is made of indestructible Xenoy. Light turns on when head is flipped up. Swivel head pivots a full 180 degrees for light where you need it. Comes with 2 lithium batteries and the Pelican Lifetime Guarantee.

Item: L77P2

Price $19.95

Pelican Mitylite

Unbreakable ABS body with polycarbonate lens. Features a pre-focused Xeon lamp with an unsurpassed white collimate light beam. This peak beam candle 10,000-power light easily cuts through smoke. Includes mounting clip for hard hats, adjustable black lanyard, 4 AA batteries and the Pelican Lifetime Guarantee.

Item: L77P3


Price $23.49

New Product- Solar Light with Battery Backup

Holds a Charge for 3 Years - 5 years with Battery Back Up. Provides 10 hours of light on a single solar charge. Super bright LED (40 Lumens). Water proof up to 80' and it floats !!!!
Weight- 5.5 oz

Item: L77G-HY


Price $17.43

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