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Medical Corps KI03 Potassium Iodate


What is KI03?

  • KIO3 is Potassium Iodate and is used worldwide in bread making, iodized salt and for thyroid blockade in case of nuclear disasters.

  • If there is a "nuclear event," and you are down-wind, you need to take KIO3 or KI before the radioactive plume reaches you.

  • If you do not have KIO3 or KI at the time of the event, then it is most likely too late to take a thyroid blocker unless the authorities can reach you with the proper dose during fallout conditions.

  • Both KIO3 and KI are thyroid blockers and are used world-wide to help prevent radioactive damage to the thyroid in the event of a nuclear incident.

  • If a nuclear bomb detonates or a nuclear power plant is compromised or has a melt-down, then radioactive iodine is always released into the air and environment.

  • Protects the thyroid:
    Radioactive Iodine (I-131) can destroy the thyroid of humans and animals. Even small amounts of I-131 can cause cancer of the thyroid. By taking KIO3 the thyroid becomes saturated with “good iodine” and cannot absorb the “bad iodine” I-131. Yes, animals or pets can take KIO3 too.

  • Every bottle of KIO3 ever sold by Medical Corps has a lifetime replacement warrantee.

How much should I get?

  • Adults--Usually one bottle per Adult person is the recommendation.

  • Adults and children --If there are several small children in your care (under 12 years old at the time of the emergency) then, at least one bottle per two children will be enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is KIO3 effective?
    Yes. It is used worldwide in Ireland, Scotland, The USA and Asian and Arab countries.

  • Does KIO3 have a long shelf-life?
    Yes, a very long shelf-life. Most countries are replacing the KI in salt with KIO3 because heat does not affect KIO3 significantly. Our KIO3 tablets have an extended shelf-life of 8 or more years.

  • Why don’t you make KI instead of KIO3—or both?
    At one time Medical Corps made KIO3 and KI. However, KI causes cancer in lab animals and KIO3 does not.

  • KIO3 vs. KI
    There is no KIO3 vs KI--they both work-- however KIO3 is FDA approved.





1 Bottle
Price $13.95




3 Bottles
Price $39.95


14-Potassium Iodine Tablets

14-Potassium Iodine Tablets


All IOSAT is fully FDA approved for thyroid blocking in a radiation emergency. Please know that IOSAT is the ONLY full-strength potasium iodide tablet approved by th FDA which can be sold in the US. Each standard package of IOSAT contains a strip of 14 tablets, with each tablet containing 130 mg of potasium iodide. The tablets are double scored to split easily and cleanly into 65 and 32.5 child doses.

Price $13.95

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